GET Your baby or Toddler 100% more 

water confident in fun sessions

while developing lifelong water skills.

2 Weeks Unlimited AquaPlay Swimming Lessons for only $48.  

Normally each 45 min session is $38.  

Other Core Collective Member Benefits

- Can be used with more than 1 child.

- Bring a Friend & their kids along to one of the sessions. 

3 fun sessions developing life-long water skills.


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Your child becomes a life long lover of water!

Listen to (at 20 sec) how Henry helped Edward overcome his water fears in the AquaPlay class and why Edward loves to go to swim class now! 


At SWISH! Swimming, we hire for character as much as skill, because we know that in order for children to develop comfort in water, they need to be taught by people who really love swimming, and love to teach.


At Swish, we are teaching the joy of swimming, rather than just the function of it. 


Becoming a proficient swimmer is not just about learning survival skills - it is also about bring more joy and confidence into your life because we know that #whenyouswimyoucan... achieve anything



"Very professional staff! It was my 8-month son's first time and even though he cried and become very fussy, his coach was able to calm him and they become good friends by the end of the session. Would highly recommend."

- Samia

Play Based Learning

Think of it as a turbo-chargedskills curated pool party for you and your lovely little one.

Qualified coaches

 On deck to support and guide you, letting you move from fun police to fun parent when around the pool.

Be Your Childs Hero

Enjoy bonding with your child and meeting parents and children with similar birthdates.

The fun way to BE 100% more water confidenT in only

3 sessions so your kid can develop life-long water skills.

 The pool is toasty warm, and kept at 32 degrees celsius so even if cold and rainy outside, it's beautiful for a swim.

Salt Water Chlorinated

Nice  & Warm

"Love it here, my 4 month old (at the time) was feeling so supremely confident in the water after his first session! Coaches are awesome and so is the team. Even Daddy is now super comfortable with baby being underwater."
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Look for the new Aqua Studio pool next to Baker & Cook cafe and Core Collective Gym.