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CAREERS - Hire for character, Train for skill

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We are always on the look out for the right people to join Swish. You do not need to be Aust Swim qualified, we will help you become qualified, if you are the right fit with Swish.​



About Us

Soul Swim Pte Ltd.  trading as ‘Swish Swimming’,  is an established swim school in Singapore with a great set of long-term clients, and we have expanded!  We have just built our own indoor/outdoor premium swim space at the central location of Loewen Gardens, Dempsey Hill – the luscious surroundings where a vibrant, children’s enrichment community is growing.  We are the only swim school with both an indoor and outdoor temperature controlled pool in the upmarket Dempsey area, servicing the needs of clients in district 9,10 and 11 which encapsulates the areas of Dempsey Hill, Orchard Rd and Holland Village amongst others.


Swish Swimming prides itself breaking down fears and encouraging reluctant swimmers through a “fun” and motivational swim program. As the swim school grows we need like minded, lively instructors to come on board and help teach our fantastic clients.


In addition to the teaching side, Swish Swimming concentrates hard on finding the right “team mix” that we can have as much fun doing our jobs, as the kids do in their lessons!  We are supportive to each other (let’s face it, we have all hard days in the pool with ill-behaved kids (and parents!) and being supported by the team around you becomes essential.



The Swim Coaches main job is to teach babies, toddlers, children and adults of all ages; water confidence, water safety and swimming.

Job description

  • Teaching babies through to toddlers water confidence and water safety. Helping students past their fear of water, or reluctance to perform the harder learning tasks.

  • Teaching children basic swimming techniques through to competitive level swimming techniques.

  • Teaching adults learn to swim though to competitive strokes.

  • Using AUSTSwim as a guideline for teaching and using Swish Swimmings own levels of water confidence and swimming techniques.

  • Ensure the safety of the babies, toddlers children and adults at ALL times.

  • Evaluate students, on a termly basis.

  • Take note of students that are unable to keep up with the other students in the class

  • Take attendance at every lesson – note down any comments

  • Attend weekly staff meetings


Skills/ Qualification

A swimming instructor at our swim school not only has to have the technical skills but the right personality.

  • AUST Swim trained (or in training) – as a minimum AUST Swim Infant and Pre-school Aquatics.

  • Lifesaving 1,2,3 (we can provide this training to the right candidate)

  • Up to date CPR certificate (we will also provide this onsite to the right candidate)

  • First aid certificate (we will also provide this onsite to the right candidate)

  • You should be an experienced swimmer

  • You should have a big smile, a great sense of humor coupled with a professional attitude and maintain good relationships with the students and parents

  • You should have the nature to interact with all kinds of people and age groups

  • Be able to be heard over a noisy bunch of kids or a chatty bunch of mums!

  • You should have excellent teaching and interaction skills.

  • Ability to react calmly in an emergency situation.


Tips for being hired by Swish Swimming

  • You should have a great deal of patience and understanding.

  • Be able to control and discipline children when necessary using Swish’ positive principals

  • You should be professional at all times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun

  • You should be good at dealing with babies, children and parents/adults

  • You should have the ability to clearly demonstrate and explain swimming drills

  • You should have lots of energy and enthusiasm.


If you fit the bill! Please : 

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