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Why use Swish Swimming?

Our aim at Swish Swim School is to teach your children to swim with enthusiasm, patience and passion. As we build Swish Swim School, we look for instructors with those same qualities so that your children learn to love the water, as much as they are proficient in it. We strive to meet your family’s needs and answer any of your question or concerns.  


How are fees paid?

Fees are paid in advance. Once you have enrolled the fees are paid within the Customer Portal. 


How much notice do I have to give to cancel the lesson?

Given that fees are paid by the term, we ask that you notify us by email to admin@swishswimming at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the current, that you will not be discontinuing. Failure to do so could result in recurring payment being taken.


Do you offer swimming lessons all year round?

Swish swimming has 4 terms a year. The term dates vary slightly every year, but as a rough guide:

Term 1 – Mid January to Mid March

Term 2 – April to Mid June

Term 3 – Mid July to Mid September

Term 4 – October to Mid December

There are no swimming lessons on Singapore Public Holidays; It may also be possible for us to hold a Staff Development day a day before a public holiday. For example, if a public holiday falls on a Tuesday, we might have Staff Development day on the Monday before the public holiday. You will be notified of this at the beginning of the term. Your fees will be adjusted accordingly.


Can I put lessons on hold during our school holidays?



What is your make up lesson policy?

We offer 2 make up lessons per term only (the make up lessons once booked in cannot be rescheduled) make up tokens are to be used within the current term only.


Who do I inform ahead of the lesson if my child is unable to attend the swimming lesson?

Please email or whatsapp 98322522 so that the attendance can be updated accordingly.


Do you have a waitlist policy?

You can waitlist the preferred class within the Customer Portal.


What if my child is ill for a prolonged period of time?

Please contact our team of if your child is expected to be unable to swim for an extended period of time.


Do you do trial lessons?

Yes we do trial lessons at Swish! We think trial lessons are important for all. We charge $36 weekday and $38 weekend (prices for exclusive of 7% GST) for a trial lesson.  You can request the trial lesson from the Customer Portal.


How do you determine which lesson is best for my child?

As part of the registration process, we ask the parent / guardian to fill in a water confidence/ swimming questionnaire for each child they are registering. On receiving this,  we will endeavour to put your child/children in an appropriate class.


What happens if some of the children in my child’s lesson are more or less advanced?

We all compare our child/children, it’s totally natural though we are continually told by their school teachers not too! It’s the same with swimming lessons. Some children develop their motor skills more quickly than others, or as we often find, each child is more able in different areas. Our skilled instructors are equipped to teach and adapt a lesson with some varying ability.


How long are the swimming lessons?

30 minutes.


How many children are in a swimming lesson?

For group lessons, there will be a maximum of 4 children (or 4 children if parent accompanied).  Private lessons are 1-1 with the Coach.


How many times a week should my child swim?

Ideally, twice – you will see infinitely faster results, though this is not necessary. Be patient with some slight regression after a holiday. Consistency is key.


How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Learning to swim is a long process; at Swish we believe that in the first instance your child should be water safe. This means to ensure that your child is confident in the water and has survival techniques if anything were to happen. For example we prioritise floating, jumping in and turning back to the side of the pool. Thereafter, it is very much dependent on each individual child, their fine/gross motor skills and the speed of development. Once he or she has those skills they never forget them, it’s like riding a bike!


Should my child eat before a swimming lesson?

We recommend that your child eats a meal at least an hour before the lesson, however a small drink and snack prior to the lesson should be ok. You know your child best, so use your instinct!


At what age should children start swimming lessons?

At Swish we believe that as soon as your paediatrician has given you the go ahead you should start pool introduction and swimming lessons. Every child and country immunization program is different, so please refer to your paediatrician, however this is usually around 4 months of age. It’s NEVER too late to start swimming lessons.


Do I need to be in the water with my child during the swimming lesson?

If you have an infant or toddler 3 years and under, you must be in the water with them unless they are having a private lesson. At the stage that the swimming instructor feels that your child can attend a lesson on his/her own, we will notify you. Again this varies from child to child. It is not just based on swimming ability, but listening and general behaviour in the pool.  If your child tries an unaccompanied lesson and either you or your child feels that they are not ready, we are always happy for you to go back to an accompanied lesson.


What does my child need for swimming lessons?

At Swish Swimming we provide all the equipment used in the lessons. For babies and infants that are not FULLY potty trained you will need a good quality swim nappy. You can use disposable swimming nappies; however, we recommend reusable swimming nappies. If you are at an uncovered location please ensure a swimsuit / rash top is worn. As you will be accompanying the infants in the pool at this age, please ensure that you bring appropriate swimwear and a towel. For older Children they will need goggles, swim clothes and a towel. Don’t forget sun screen!!


My child normally wears floaties/arm bands in the water, why can’t they wear them in the lesson?

Although we use some swim aids, such as hand floats and kick-boards in our lessons, we advise the use other floatation aids, such as arm bands and bubbles, with caution. It is easy to develop a false sense of security and this can be dangerous. It also has a tendency to put the child’s head in a semi-vertical position, which can lead to bad habits. If you do use flotation aids, make sure that you watch your children at all times


My child refuses to wear goggles?

That’s ok, don’t worry. It’s actually better for children to learn to swim without goggles, but we understand that the chlorine irritates eyes sometimes and children would rather wear them. Either way, we can adapt.


What happens if my child refuses to get in the water? I think he/she has separation anxiety?

We have experienced children who would rather not get in the water at our lessons. We have learnt and constantly apply some gentle coaxing or distraction so this can be overcome. As a parent, we ask that you try to stay calm and not look worried or distressed. We totally understand that this is a difficult task for you. Remember to use praise and be ready with a huge smile and hug at the end of the lesson.


Can I watch my child’s lesson?

Absolutely! We encourage parents/family to sit and watch their children swim. Every small achievement could be rewarded with a big thumbs up from the family! In the interest of safety, please ensure you keep an eye on all your children, both in and out of the water.


Who should I talk to about my child’s progress?

Questions and comments during your child's lesson is often counterproductive. As you will observe, our instructors are extremely involved teaching in the pool. If you have any questions with regards to your child’s progress, we suggest you email We will then forward your email to the respective instructor and the customer service team will come back to you.

What do you need to know about my child?

We ask that you notify us of any medical conditions that may or may not be impacted in the water. If there are any other behavioural/emotional/speech/hearing issues, do let us know too.


What is your rain/lightning policy?

We monitor the weather by the NEA App and if there are lightning alerts for the Dempsey area then we will cancel the lesson and give a makeup lesson. If it is raining, we would still request that you come to the swimming pool, unless otherwise notified by a member of the Swish team. Singapore weather can vary significantly and though it might be raining at home, the weather may be fine in other areas of Singapore. If there is light rain (the swim coaches will make this decision), the lesson will continue. We do ask that you call/WhatApp the office 98322522 for the up to date weather situation (as I am sure you are aware it can be raining in one part of Singapore and bright sunshine a few kilometres away.


What happens if SWISH! cancels the lesson in advance?

If Swish Swimming cancels the lesson due to pool closure, instructor sickness, etc. (the list is endless and not complete), we will credit you a lesson that can be used for a make up at a mutually agreeable time. Swish Swimming will aim to contact you by email/whatsapp. Please ensure that the Swish mobile number is saved on your mobile phone for all broadcast updates.

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