Our Team of Swimming Professionals

At SWISH! Swimming, we aim to employ the best swimming instructors with the right skill set, attitude and most importantly that are fun in the pool.  We are also sole distributors for the Mahina Merfin in Singapore.  We pride ourselves on being a supportive team who can deal with any problem thrown at them!


Kristen Romain

Kristen has been been working as a Swim Instructor since 2010, both in Singapore and Dubai, UAE and is married with 2 beautiful children, Zac and Ella.


"Swimming is a personal passion, and I followed that into a job that I thoroughly enjoy as we raised our two great kids.  I left a demanding corporate role and attained AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety and Teacher of Infant Aquatics qualifications so that I could help teach others (babies/kids/adults) how to enjoy (and respect) the water as much as our family does.


Every time I see students squealing with delight as they enter the pool area for a lesson, or giggling excitedly as they learn something new, I know how lucky I am to be doing this.


Ella is also an aspiring mermaid and loves swimming with her Merfin any chance she gets!"

Our Coaching Team


Coach Daphne is a born and bred Singaporean who loves the great outdoors and hiking.  Active and athletic from a young age, she loved Physical Education lessons in school and never missed a chance to play football or basketball with her classmates.  Daphne obtained her degree in Engineering from NTU and worked in engineering and project management roles before making the big switch to become a swim instructor. Daphne is also an IRONWOMAN and has completed numerous triathlon, duathlon and marathon events.  After completing her first triathlon in 2008, her love for swimming was rekindled.


"I enjoy teaching swimming and water safety to kids and adults alike and I totally love the greenery and wonderful pools at SWISH! Swimming School.  It is definitely gratifying when you see children mastering swimming skills!"



Coach Eric was born and raised in Singapore. He is happily married and also a wonderful father to his son.

Before joining Swish! Eric was in the life insurance industry, helping individuals on their financial portfolios and educating on the needs for early planning.

“I started learning how to swim only at the age of 26.  What triggered me to learn at a late age was because my wife and I loved to have holidays on the beaches and seas. She can swim very well but my greatest fear was being not able to swim, so I have to rely on a life vest, and my wife to help me. Swimming is not just about learning how to swim and be safe in the water but doing all these while having fun and enjoying all the beautiful things out there. I am happy to be in Swish! to inspire everyone of all ages."


Coach Puven was born and raised in Singapore and is recently married.


Before Swish! Puven was in landscaping and was also educating children in plants and landscaping.  He also graduated in Nitec in Aerospace Engineering.


“I started swimming from the age of 7, and from young one of my passions has always been being able to swim and teach.  Outside of work through my experience as a swim coach I have been fortunate to teach my Nephew how to swim. I love to teach children and seeing them learn and have fun at the same time was always my aim”.   Puven is a fun, and thorough coach and the children are very drawn to his “bubbly” nature


Coach Alim is a former fire-fighter and holds a CPR licence.  Alim enjoys encouraging his students to have a positive approach and start every lesson with great energy.  “My goal is for my students to understand water safety and be proud of themselves as they develop their swimming techniques.  Most importantly, I will ensure that they will have an enjoyable time learning and swimming with me.”


Coach Nicoy was born and raised in Singapore and is currently in her first year of university majoring in Psychology and Sociology.


After a traumatic experience as a young child, Nicoy avoided water until she had to partake in compulsory swimming at primary school.  She was surprised by how much she enjoyed the lessons, so much so she ended up getting her Bronze Medallion when she was 15.


“I love my students.  I love watching them grow up and develop new important life skills.   I love seeing their big smiles. The bond created with them is so valuable to me.


Coach Siti is from Singapore and has worked with children since she was 19 as a camp, gymnastics and after school activities instructor.  She has also studied business and hairstyling.


“I'm a swim coach because I have enjoyed swimming ever since I was a kid.  I love being a coach to see the progress the students make.”


Coach Andre has a background in Sport and Wellness Management and is currently pursuing a degree in Professional Communication.  Andre is a former lifeguard with Sport Singapore and served as aircrew with the Air Force. During his free time, he can be found working out or reading a book.


“I enjoy teaching and aim to make learning fun, but at the same time effective.”  

Behind The Scenes

These ladies are less "behind the scenes" and more "front of house".  Our amazing Customer Service team manage the day to day running of SWISH! Swimming School seamlessly.  Often they will be the first faces you will see when you arrive at SWISH! @ Loewen.  They make our office an efficient and welcoming space.

Michelle T (Mitch).


Michelle has worked in Office Management and Accounting Processes over the past 25 years in the UK and has a good all round knowledge of many different systems configuration processing. Her last employer for 16 years was a major chemical company who tasked her with a variety of roles from Internal Sales to Office Manager.


Michelle is married to Dan and they have a teenage son called Harrison.  All three of them (including their cat "Saphira") moved from the UK to Singapore in August 2014.


"I am really looking forward to working with everyone to promote this fantastic swimming school and help in its future growth".


Liza came from the glorious Pearl of the Southern Orient, the Philippines. Before she claimed the position as an admin, she became a medical transcriptionist for 8 years. With Liza’s aspiration to contribute health and wellness to humanity, she graduated as a nursing student. 

Also, through her knowledge about maintaining a healthy condition, Liza is able to raise three joyful and lively young children who are currently studying in the Philippines. Liza’s main goal in life is to provide all the benefit for her children to finish and nurture on their studies and to maintain their academic productivity for her children’s future. She is more of like an Avenger with her strong capabilities in holding three individuals lives all in one, just so she could finish the job and get the work done. 

As Uncle Ben from Spider-Man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”, Liza’s has more than just power in her hands; rather she has the freeway to the forthcoming success that she has yet to embark with the greathearted act of oath.





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