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Adult Swimming Lesson?

Your kids should be able to swim 25 metres confidently by the time they've turned seven. And so should you...

"I'm a poor swimmer but I can do 20 laps of utterly uncoordinated breaststroke and the experts tell me that if I fell off a boat, I'd probably last long enough to be fished out. Unless I died of fright, which is likely considering the way I feel about vast expanses of water.

So as a result of the spate of recent drowning deaths, I've booked myself into one-on-one lessons. My goal is freestyle, both-sided breathing and, as above, kick, kick, kick."


Sign up for Adult Swimming Lessons at SWISH this term! Classes are on every Wednesday and Thursday at 6PM. At only $32 per 30 minutes session. Email us to book your payable trial class now!

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