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Goodbye Term 2, Hello Term 3!

In a blink of an eye, we are already half way into 2017. It is truly, utterly amazing and a beautiful experience to see our students grow up. Some had even been with us from crawling babies to running toddlers! We would like to thank the parents for trusting SWISH! with their precious ones. We really appreciate it. We would like to take a step back and recount what SWISH! had been up to the last term - from interesting prizes to enriching experiences.

Starting from our popular Easter Egg prizes, weren't they a delight to start the term with? Colourful eggs with a little surprise for the children! Our coaches enjoyed seeing the delightful faces of the children so much, that they kept offering them the "Easter Egg" prizes - so fast that we ran out of them really soon.

We even took part in a number of fairs - Winstedt Health and Wellness Fair, AISP Biggest Morning Tea, and Kids Day Out! Check out some of the pictures taken during the Kids Day Out event at Singapore Botanical Gardens below.

Other than participating in events, we also held our third edition of SWIM JAM on Mothers' Day. It was a great Sunday afternoon. We even had Theresa Goh, a Singaporean Swimmer and Paralympic medalist, making a special appearance for SWIM JAM 3! She was so lovely and the children really enjoyed the Q&A session with her! Not forgetting our lovely sponsors - prizes from Arena, Base Athletica, BOUNCE inc and Sally's Room, carnival games from Ocean Paradise, flowers from A Better Florist, frozen treats from Momolato and yummy snacks from The Pantry! Check out some of the pictures taken during SWIM JAM 3 below.

Term 2, 2017 was great, but Term 3, 2017 is going to be even better! See you on 3rd July and we can start splashing around in our beautiful, temperature controlled and salt chlorinated pools again!

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