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Laguna is getting closer and closer...

Swish is expanding…and our new “Swish Laguna” pool will launch shortly!

Thanks to you, our lovely customers, and also those on our waiting list, SWISH! has the need to expand.

We will retain our current location, and also be adding a new, 20m pool into the mix. This 20m pool will be located within a 1 minute walk from our current site, and we are calling it “Swish Laguna”. This pool is located within the grounds of Invictus International School – and will be fully maintained and operated by SWISH, and our fun, professional team.

This pool will be fitted out with the same saltwater system, and temperature control, that our current pools operate on – taking the chill out of the lessons for our little swimmers in the cooler months, or following rainy periods.

Other exciting bits…

With this new pool, we will have more space for new swimmers, and will also have the space to progress our savvy swimmers into a longer pool. In addition, we will be introducing a little swim team, “the SWISH Wake Tribe”, which will enable our fast and fabulous little swimmers, to experience more competition, and also being part of a team. More to come on that…

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