At Swish, we believe that we have priced ourselves very competitively against other swim schools in Singapore. 

As many of our classes are conducted at your condos we have cut the transportation cost and added convienence.

Our classes are all instructucted by FULLY qualified Aust Swim instructors and our cost of classes therefore reflects

the quality of our instructors.

Group Lessons


Group lessons both with and without parent are: 


Loewen Gardens: $35.00 (Mon - Fri), $37.00 (Sat-Sun) for 30 minutes.


Our pools are temperature-controlled, checked daily and professionally maintained to a high standard as governed by the NEA.


We maintain a maximum instructor: student ratio of 5:1 which is low by Singapore standards. 


For our existing condo classes, our prices are $34.00 per student (Mon-Fri), $36 (Sat-Sun) for half an hour.

Private Lessons


All private lessons are 1 on 1 with child/adult and instuctor. We believe a private lesson is often useful if the child is very scared of the water or is easily distracted in a group class. For adults this is a great way to work on technique and become a more steamlined swimmer! 


Lessons per client for half an hour - $75.00 (but subject to availability and not available during peak times)


 If you would like to make payment for your child's swimming lessons, you may pay either by credit card (VISA/Mastercard/AMEX- in person at Loewen), NETS, bank transfer, Paynow! cheque or cash.