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According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional

injury death. We are happy to be able to do something about that.


At SWISH! we have developed our own programs that will enable your child to hit targets, gain rewards and overall feel happy and satisfied. Our program isn't just about learning to swim – it’s about friends, family and creating an environment that fosters life-saving self-confidence in, and around, water. 


Drowning doesn't just happen from not knowing how to swim – it can also happen by panicking and not being able to use those swim skills outside of a “scripted swim class”.  Swish breaks down those fears that cause panic, and opens students up to different settings where they can practice their learning.


SWISH! Levels


These levels and the information provided is for guidance only, every child is an individual and unique, they may not necessarily sit within one of these levels. If that's the case please contact our office on 9832 2522 or and our office we will happily assist you.


All Fini classes need a parent or responsible adult holding and assisting the child in the water.


  • Mini Fini 1 (4 - 9 months)

  • Mini Fini 2 (9 - 18 months)

  • Mini Fini 3 (18 - 24 months)

  • Mini Fini 4 (24 - 36 months)


There is no pre-requisite for these lessons, it's all about learning to enjoy the water, gaining water confidence and starting to blow those bubbles and dig those arms.


  • Bubble Fini (24 - 36 months) - usually confident in the water and already trying to use their arms and legs under the water

  • Rocket Fini (2 - 3.5 years) - is a master at floating and is able to push off from the side of the pool to Mummy or Daddy.


Once you are a Zuma, a parent or responsible adult is no longer needed in the water. Again the age and ability is for guidance ONLY!


  • Zuma Beginner (3.5 - 4.5years) Have little or no swimming experience 

  • Zuma Paddler (3.5 - 4.5 years) Can swim independently (no strokes), can listen to instruction.

  • Zuma Rainbow (4.5 - 6 years) Strokes starting to develop and can listen well.

  • Zuma Roller (6 - 7 years)  Front crawl is developing, starting backstroke and breaststroke

  • Zuma Stroker (7 plus) Competent in all 4 strokes and working on technical adjustment

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