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Swish Swimming Speciality Lessons

These sessions are available for booking. Contact us now for more details!

"Auntie and Me" Swim Lessons

Swimming is an essential life skill for children of all ages. However, finding time to fit your child's activities in your schedule could be quite a hassle, especially if you are working during the weekdays.


This is where our "Auntie and Me" Swim Lessons come in handy! These weekday classes are designed to give helpers water safety skills and confidence in the pool while teaching kids to learn how to swim!


For a good read on these classes, click HERE.

MerFit Swim Lessons

Calling all mermaids! If your child can confidently swim underwater unassisted and are 6 -11 years of age then read on!

We are introducing MerFit Swim Lessons for aspiring mermaids. These lessons aims to improve breath control, strengthen core and inspire creative play. 

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