Terms & Conditions

SWISH! Swimming (“Swish”) is managed and operated by Soul Swim Pte. Ltd. (“SSPL”), a company incorporated in Singapore under registration number 201412382R, with its registered office at 72 Loewen Road #01-08, Singapore 248848 (“Loewen Gardens”).
Please read these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) carefully before subscribing to our services.

By enrolling your child or ward in our classes, you represent and warrant to Swish:

*You are the legal parent/guardian of the child/ward, or are duly authorised by the legal parent/guardian of the child/ward to enrol the child/ward in our classes.

*You have the capacity and power to enter into, exercise your rights, and perform and comply with your obligations under these T&Cs, and to procure the same of your child or ward.

*The information provided by you in this form is true and accurate, to the best of your knowledge and belief.

*You and your child or ward agree to be bound to these T&Cs, including any additional terms, conditions, and policies referenced in these T&Cs.

Class Matters

1. Class Profile and Size

Swish provides swimming classes for children from the age of 4 months.


There will be a maximum of 5 children per group class (depending on the students’ respective confidence and ability levels).

2. Attire, Timing and Venues

Please make sure your child or ward is dressed in the appropriate swimming attire and ready for class 5 minutes before it is scheduled to begin.

All classes start promptly on the hour or half hour, unless otherwise notified.

Classes will take place at:


Loewen Gardens site 
72 Loewen Road
Singapore 248848

3. Hygiene

All pool users are required to take a shower before entering the pool.  This is a requirement by the National Environment Agency (NEA). All students and parents/guardians who are entering the pool are required to adhere to this rule strictly.
All pools are checked regularly to ensure that the pools are kept clean. To reduce contamination, please ensure that your child or ward wears a swimming nappy if he/she is not fully toilet-trained. The swimming nappy can be a disposable swimming nappy or a reusable swimming nappy. For children or adults with long hair entering the pool, please ensure that the long hair is tied back.
Students suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, or who are or have been unwell in the 48 hours prior to class will not allowed to attend class.  Parents/Guardians must ensure that their child or ward has been well for at least the 48 hours prior to their swimming class.

4. Forfeiture of Class

Swish, SSPL and its respective directors, employees, associates and/or agents (“Relevant Personnel”) reserve the right to prohibit any child who is not appropriately dressed for class, or who otherwise fails to comply with any of the provisions in the foregoing clauses 2 or 3 of these T&Cs, from entering the pool.

You and your child or ward will also be prohibited from entering the pool if you are unable to supervise him/her in accordance with clause 6 of these T&Cs by reason of your failure to comply with the foregoing clauses 2 or 3 of these T&Cs.

In the event of your child or ward being prohibited from entering the pool, your child or ward will be deemed to have forfeited the class in question, and no make up class will be offered. Swish will not refund fees for any class forfeited under this clause 4.

5. Lightning/Rain Policy

In the event of rain, lightning, thunder, or any combination of the foregoing, the instructor may in his or her absolute discretion cancel the class. Such a decision may be made before or during the class.
The instructor may, in his or her absolute discretion, decide to continue with the class if the rain is light, and there are no reports of thunder or lightning in Singapore.
Classes will be halted immediately if there are reports of lightning strikes in Singapore. In the event that lightning strikes lead to the cancellation of a class, we will allow a make up class if less than 50% of the cancelled class had been completed.

In determining whether there have been reports of thunder or lightning in Singapore, Swish shall be entitled to take reference from the NEA-MSS Lightning Alert website. This website may be visited at:

6. Disruptive Behaviour

In the event of any child exhibiting disruptive behaviour during class, the instructor will apply the following rules:

*The instructor will ignore disruptive behaviour and concentrate on children who are behaving. Where a child is not listening, the child will be asked to focus on the instructor, and to listen.
*If the child's behaviour does not improve, the instructor will give the child a verbal warning, explaining that if his/her behaviour does not improve, he/she will be asked to leave the pool.
*If the child’s behaviour does not improve after the verbal warning, the instructor will put the child on a ‘time-out’ at the side of the pool for 1-5 minutes, depending on the child’s age and severity of the disruptive behaviour.
*On returning to the pool, and if the child’s behaviour does not improve, the child will be asked to leave the pool for a second ‘time-out’.
*On returning to the pool for a second time, and if the child’s behaviour still does not improve, the child will be asked to leave the class.
*If the child exhibits dangerous behaviour, or is verbally abusive, the instructor may in his/her absolute discretion require that the child leaves the class.
7. Adult Supervision

Parents/Guardians must supervise their child or ward at all times. This duty includes ensuring that their child or ward is in their direct line of sight and that younger children are within an arm’s length reach when in the pool. Parents/Guardians should keep watch of their child/ward before, during and after classes, regardless of whether their child/ward is in or out of the pool.

If you have to assist one of your children but also have other children to attend to, you should ask another parent/guardian who is present to supervise your other children whilst you attend to the first child. If you are in the pool with your baby and you have another child by the side, please ask another responsible adult to supervise your child.

8. ​Make Up Classes

Each student is entitled to a maximum of two make up classes per term. We require notice before the commencement of your child or ward’s scheduled class that he/she will be unable to attend that class. Notice should be sent via email to admin@swishswimming.com.

Please note that any make up classes accrued must be used within the same term and will not be carried over to any subsequent term.

There will be no refund or set-off of fees for any make up class not attended, or make up class entitlement accrued but not used.

9. Changing Class Time and Venues

If you wish to change your child or ward’s class time or venue, please inform us at admin@swishswimming.com as early as possible. We are generally unable to change your child or ward’s allocated time slot after successful enrolment as our classes are often full. Nevertheless, we may be able to place your child or ward on the waitlist for other classes. In the event that your child or ward is unable to continue attending his or her scheduled class due to a material change of circumstances however, you may request to change your child or ward’s allocated time slot, with the approval of such change subject to our discretion and to availability. In the event that there are no alternate venues or time slots available, we may place your child or ward on our waitlist until a venue
or time slot becomes available.

10. Holidays

There will be no swimming classes on Singapore public holidays (“Public Holidays”). Classes falling on Public Holidays will be rescheduled at our sole discretion. A list of Public Holidays can be found at http://www.mom.gov.sg/employment-practices/public- holidays.

11. Enrolment Cancellation Policy

We require notice of any cancellation of enrolment to be communicated to us via email at least 1 month prior to the end of the term. Such notice must be sent to our email address at admin@swishswimming.com

12. Medical Conditions


By enrolling your child or ward for classes, you represent that your child or ward does not suffer from any disability, condition or illness that will in any way affect his/her ability to swim.
Parents/Guardians must declare any disability, condition, or illness affecting their child/ward to Swish, regardless of the severity of such disability, condition, or illness. Such declaration must be made prior to enrolment, or if the disability, condition, or illness arises after enrolment, immediately upon its discovery. Such declaration must be in writing and emailed to us at admin@swishswimming.com.
After carefully reviewing your declaration, we will, in our absolute discretion, decide whether your child or ward is capable of undergoing swimming classes at Swish.
Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring that their child or ward is medically fit to swim and to undergo physical activities.

13. Sickness

Please do not bring your child or ward to swimming class if he/she is sick. Sicknesses include, but are not limited to, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, chicken pox, any type of ear infection, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, vomiting, and the common flu. Please ensure that your child or ward has been well for at least the 48 hours prior his/her swimming class.

14. Prolonged Sickness

If your child or ward has been diagnosed with an illness or ailment and is expected to be sick for a prolonged period, you should notify us at admin@swishswimming.com as early as possible. We will endeavour to offer make up classes to your child or ward within the same term if possible – this is subject to availability.

If no make up classes are available, we may consider other options in our sole discretion, but have no obligation to offer more than two make up classes per term, or any refunds.

15. Video and Photography

You may record videos or take photographs of your own child or ward, but you may not record or take, or cause or permit any other third party to record or take on your behalf, pictures of any other children on the Swish premises, without the prior consent of their parents/guardians.
You may not upload onto the internet any videos or photographs of children on the Swish premises (other than your own) or otherwise distribute such videos or photographs, without the prior consent of their parents/guardians.

You agree to indemnify Swish, SSPL, and the Relevant Personnel against any claims arising from your breach of this clause 15 or any breaches committed by third parties authorised by you.

Safety Matters

16. Pool Safety and Code of Conduct

The following rules must be adhered to strictly at all times;

*Noise is to be kept to a minimum to avoid distracting the children undergoing classes in the pool.
*Always wait for the instructor to ask you to enter the pool.

*Before entering the pool, please allow children from the previous class to exit the pool. 
*No running around the pool area.
*Be attentive and adhere to instructions given by the instructor at all times.
*Take care of and do not damage any pool equipment.
*Going underwater impairs children’s ability to listen to instructions. For safety reasons, children should not go underwater unless the instructor asks them to do so.
*Keep your hands and feet to yourself, we don’t know where they have been!
17. Our Instructors’ Qualifications

All our instructors are certified by the Australian Council for the Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety (“AUSTSWIM”).
All our instructors have undergone the basic AUSTSWIM course. Most of our instructors have also undergone (or are currently undergoing) the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics course, and other such extensive courses.

18. First Aid

All our instructors have undertaken first aid courses. If you, your domestic helper, or your child or ward would like to take a first aid course, please let a member of the Swish team know.

Administrative Matters

19. Fees

Classes conducted at the Loewen Gardens site are charged at $35 per class on weekdays, and $37 per class on weekends.

Classes must be paid for in advance on a full-term basis. Non-payment will result in a forfeiture of your allocated class slot(s). The slot(s) may, at our absolute discretion, be re-allocated to other existing clients or prospective clients on the waitlist.
There are four terms per calendar year and each term runs for 9-13 weeks. Fees will be pro-rated for students who join the course partway through the term.

20. Payment

Payment of class fees is to be made prior to the beginning of a new term.

Payment can be made via the following methods. We will email a receipt to you shortly after we receive confirmation of your payment:


(a) PayNow: UEN 201412382R (Soul Swim Pte Ltd)

(b) Merchant facilities (Visa/Mastercard/NETS) – are available at our Loewen Gardens office;

(c) Cash – to be paid at our Loewen Gardens office; or

(d) Bank transfer – please email the Swish office at admin@swishswimming.com to inform them after you have made a transfer. Our bank account details are as follows:

Bank Name: DBS
Name: Soul Swim Pte. Ltd.
Account No: 107 902 099 2
Branch Code: 107
Bank Code: 7171
Type of Account: Current Account
Reference: Either your invoice number or child or ward's name must be put in

the reference when making payment.

21. Facilities and Equipment

We provide facilities such as private changing rooms and public toilets/showers at the Loewen Gardens site and the Laguna site.
All students are required to bring their own swimming essentials for all classes. These items include swimmers, swimming nappies (if necessary), towels, goggles, sun-block, and repellent etc.


22. Exclusion of Liability and Indemnity

Swish, SSPL, and their respective Relevant Personnel will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered by students, parents/guardians or authorised third parties attending classes. This includes personal injury, illness, and/or loss or damage to any property, arising either directly or indirectly from their attendance and/or participation in the classes. 

By attending classes, you agree to waive all claims or causes of action in law or equity that you or your child or ward may have against Swish, SSPL, and each Relevant Personnel, subject to the rest of this clause 22. This waiver extends to any injury, loss or damage of any kind suffered by any person or property, or in relation to the matters arising from or in connection with:


*The condition of the premises within which classes are conducted either before, during or after classes;
*The management of the premises and the manner in which classes are conducted (including safety measures put in place by Swish), before, during or after classes;
*The use or misuse of equipment by you, your child, ward, or any other authorised third party present either before, during or after classes;
*The conduct or behaviour of any student, parent/guardian or authorised third party in attendance either before, during or after classes.

*Any pre-existing medical condition of the child or ward (whether declared or not) to Swish, SSPL, or any Relevant Personnel,

(each of the foregoing being a “Relevant Matter”).

Nothing in these T&Cs shall exclude or limit the liability of Swish, SSPL, or any Relevant Personnel:

*For death or personal injury caused by its negligence;

*For fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by it; or

*For any matter which would be illegal for it to exclude or limit, or attempt to exclude orlimit, liability.

You further agree to indemnify and keep indemnified Swish, SSPL and the Relevant Personnel against all costs, losses or damages arising from or in relation to a Relevant Matter to the extent you or your child or ward is in default or negligent, any breach by you of any provision in these T&Cs or breach of representation and warranty that you have given to Swish, SSPL, or any Relevant

Personnel. This indemnity extends to consequential losses such as requiring the pool to be cleaned, leading to a cancellation of classes, and a loss of income. This indemnity will apply as far as it is consistent with the laws of Singapore.

23. Swish has absolute discretion

Swish, SSPL and the Relevant Personnel reserve the right to exercise its respective absolute discretion in prohibiting any child or ward from attending class if it deems that there has been a breach of clauses 2, 3, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 of these T&Cs (“Relevant Clauses”) , whether the breach is committed by the child, ward, or his/her supervising parent/guardian, where applicable.

24. Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act

These T&Cs are intended to confer benefits on and be enforceable by SSPL and the Relevant Personnel. Save as otherwise provided, a person who is not a party to these T&Cs has no right under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 53B) to enforce any of its terms. The consent of SSPL and the Relevant Personnel is not needed for any variation or rescission of these T&Cs.

25. Foreseeable consequential losses

You agree that in the event of any breach of a Relevant Clause, it is foreseeable and expected that Swish and SSPL could (i) have to close the pool, (ii) be unable to conduct classes and hence suffer losses of income, make refunds, or provide make up classes, or even face claims for cancellation of classes, and (iii) incur expenses to clean the pool or repair damaged property. You
agree and acknowledge that such losses and claims are expected and foreseeable.


26. Changes to T&Cs

Swish reserves the right to update the T&Cs as stated on this page from time to time. We will notify you if they do change and direct you to our website for an updated version.