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Testimonials from Swish Swimming Classes

Happy children, means happy parents! We strive to make everyone happy!

Love it here, my 4 month old (at the time) was feeling so supremely confident in the water after his first session! Coaches are awesome and so is the team. Even Daddy is now super comfortable with baby being underwater.


Customer of SWISH! Swimming

My kids were so scared of water but now after Kristen Romain's amazing coaching they are far more confident!!! Thanks to Swish!!!


Customer of SWISH! Swimming

William started swimming 6 months ago with Swish Swimming.  The first 3 months he complained a bit, but did everything he was asked. Fast forward to now, it's the highlight of our week, he loves it and I have a child who can't wait to get wet and swim!  He has learnt so much and has so much fun plus is learning a life skill!


Customer of SWISH! Swimming

Thanks guys! Karly has made huge improvements and loves the lessons!!


Customer of SWISH! Swimming

My four daughters all take lessons with Kristen. The older two (9 and 7), have improved remarkably over the last few months of lessons. Kristen's lessons have fine tuned their swimming styles and given them tips on breathing and kicking to get the most out of their strokes. As well as her lesson, the 9 year old has joined Kristen's Swim Jam class which she loves. This is giving her the opportunity to swim longer distances and fine tune her technique. My 5.5 year old had only had a small number of lessons whilst she was around 4, and wasn't particularly confident in the water or enjoyed swimming. She started lessons with Kristen in September 2013 and within a few weeks was going under the water, whereas she had previously made a huge fuss about putting her face in, was kicking her legs, moving her arms and picking up each component of the lesson quickly and moving on to the next thing to learn.


My 3 year old loves her weekly lesson and has also come along in confidence and ability. It is a amazing to see a three year old that only four weeks earlier was wearing a floatation device in the pool, being able to swim under water, make pizza arms and blow bubbles. I still look at her and think I can't believe she is swimming!!


Kristen's patient and positive approach makes the swimming lessons fun, interesting and challenging. With four girls of different ages and abilities, they are all in classes that suit them perfectly, are all learning new pointers, fine tuning their technique and becoming confident swimmers.


Customer of SWISH! Swimming

My son Freddie has been taking classes with Swish Swimming since he was 4 years old. He is now nearly 5 and really looks forward every week to his lesson with Kristen. He is extremely water confident (which can be dangerous) but Kristen was able to develop strokes with him and water safety. He really loves one part of his lesson called  'jelly on a plate' which is standing & singing on a shaking mat until he falls off into the water, he comes up, takes a breath and swims to the side. This actually came into effect when we were on holidays. Freddie fell off a jetty while fishing and he was fully clothed.  We saw him fall in and his head didn't even go under the water, he remained calm and treaded water until my husband jumped in. I really believe this part of his lesson helped with that incident. Freddie progresses at every lesson even though he is in a group class with his friends Kristen can keep them focused.  


Customer of SWISH! Swimming

We tried 3 swim schools in Singapore before finding what we were looking for at swish swimming. The teachers are knowledgeable and confident working with young kids. Class sizes are small and the activities are well aligned to age and ability. My son looks forward to his swimming lesson all week and is now a very confident little swimmer.


Customer of SWISH! Swimming

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