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Trial Lessons

Thanks for your interest in swimming lessons with Swish! Swimming We are delighted to welcome

you into our little school, and look forward to meeting you and your child. What to expect at your

trial lesson:



Trials take place during normal lesson times. For this reason, the instructor will be trying to balance the needs of the existing children, with the needs of your child. For this reason, the lesson may seem to progress at a fast pace. Rest assured that the instructor will explain each activity they are doing, and let your child be the “last” to perform each activity so that you have a chance to see what the other kids/parents are doing. Additionally, young children tend to get distracted, cold or irritable if the instructor stops the singing/games/encouragement, so we try to keep the lesson ticking along as best we can. Generally all activities will be performed twice. So if you feel more comfortable and would prefer to step back and watch the “first time" the activity is performed, it will be completely fine. You can join in again for the second time around.


Naturally, your child may feel anxious in a new environment with people they don’t know. While some children will happily trust the instructor, others may be very scared and might not want to be passed to the instructor for the “swim” section of the program. While it is difficult to watch your child experience anxiety, it is essential you reinforce that the instructor is there to care for them and will not just dunk them under the water. By trusting the instructor, and encouraging your child to go to the instructor, you are being a caring parent who is investing time in helping your child/children develop a life-saving skill. At Swish, we follow the AUSTSWIM curriculum and do not submerge children unless: The parent advises that the child has had previous experience being submerged (even then, the instructor may choose to let the child “swim over the top” until the child is comfortable with them) or if the instructor sees the child showing some readiness to be submerged.



Generally, the instructor will have a lesson straight after yours and may not be able to spend time speaking with you personally about your child at that point in time. However, Swish instructors are always happy to speak with you once they have finished with their lessons, so feel free to ask them when they would have a suitable time to speak over the phone. Additionally, you can also email and we'll get someone relevant to call you.



Trial lessons cost $40.00 weekday and $44.00 weekend. Payment is made within the customer portal when booking the trial class. 


We try to encourage fun, friendly group dynamics in classes at Swish, and genuinely care about teaching your child water safety, swim strokes (age-appropriate) but most importantly, how enjoyable water activities can be! Learning to swim is not just about strokes – it’s about learning to communicate with water in a way that unlocks an aquatic lifestyle that will set them up for a myriad of fun pursuits later in life. Swish! Swimming

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